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Princess Velvet Bed Frame - D F Beds

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 Princess Velvet Bed Frame

 Our enchanting world of dreams with our Princess Velvet Double Bed Frame. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this king Size Velvet Bed Frame exudes sparkling elegance fit for royalty. The princess range exudes a contemporary Single Velvet Bed Frame range with a touch of opulence to add a little something extra. Radiating an understated elegance, the headboard dons a deep buttoned Chesterfield design complimented by the pronounced border.

Our plush upholstery and soft padding provide a cozy haven, inviting your child to snuggle in and drift off into a world of magical dreams. Make bedtime a cherished ritual as your princess unwinds in a Double Bed Velvet Frame that transforms nightly rest into a magical experience.

* Upholstered headboard with a Chesterfield design

* A pronounced border bordering the headboard and footboard

* Silver beading boarding the headboard and footboard

* Metal pipe-shaped feet

* Bedstead design Velvet Bed Frame